Love, emotions, laughter, fun, nerves, excitement, more love, happiness, smiles, tears, high heels... I am sure all these words come to your head when it comes to that day, YOUR day. Well, to keep all those memories is great, but to be able to see them over and over again and revive them is priceless I am sure. That is why I love what I do, you will have me catching all those moments, often without you even knowing I am there. 


I love to tell stories through photographs and I love spontaneity when it comes to a real moment like your wedding. From you getting ready to the big celebration party, and of course a good session of you both; we cannot miss that picture frame for your grandma´s reception table. This deal is perfect for couples who are looking for high quality memories, like I said... To look over and over again and be proud to be showing to all your love ones.

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      María Sërciss. 

    Art Photography 


Contact: +52 22 27 10 90 60